One Pan Annie eats what she wants most. . .

By Jan Jackson for One Pan Annie

Here I was. It was lunch time and I was hungry. What I was really hungry for, was s simple hamburger patty and mushrooms.

I didn’t want the hamburger over cooked – I hate it when it is too dry and tastes like cardboard. I like the mushrooms sautéed in the hamburger juice. Oh, and I like lots of mushrooms. Definitely don’t want anyone skimping on the mushrooms.

As I thought about where I could get such a lunch, it occurred to me. Right here in my own kitchen. I can make the meat to suit my tastes and cook as many mushrooms as I want right in the pan with the hamburger.

By jove, that’s what I did. Took me about five minutes.

Quick, healthy and cheap. God love One Pan Annie – smile./

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