One Pan Annie’s Broiled Lunch

By Jan Jackson for One Pan Annie

You would think as much chicken and One Pan Annie eats, she’d be cackling by now. Well, she isn’t cackling but she is crowing – because she is able to eat healthy, cheaply, and prepare it all  in minutes. One Pan says she’s not interested in spending any more time cooking something then it takes to eat it. Once again, she proves true to her word.

No rice cooker today though, she’s moved to her toaster oven. It took so little time to place the thawed chicken thigh, quarter and place the golden potatoes and and toss the handful of carrots into position, that there is no need to even count. After setting the oven to broil and setting the timer for 25 minutes, she went back to reading her book until the timer dinged.


One chicken thigh (thawed)

Two small golden potatoes (she likes golden potatoes because the skins are so edible she doesn’t have to peel them).

One fist full of what they call baby carrots that aren’t baby carrots at all but are big carrots that have been ground down (not as tasty as baby carrots but handy to have on hand for snacking on).

Season to taste.

An attractive feast for one is what you have here – Bon Appetit




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