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Oregon’s Gold Man

By Jan Jackson Oregon is famous for two things. The Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1805/1806 and the Oregon Trail Migration from ..

2 months ago

Oregon’s Famous Trail

By Jan Jackson Most people have heard of the Oregon Trail  though they may not be aware of all the details. For those who don’t ..

3 months ago

An Apple a Day

By Jan Jackson aka One Pan Annie I love telling people that if food has a label on it you shouldn’t be eating it. Oops! The apple ..

3 months ago

Food as Fuel . . .

Think about what is available today. Eating whatever is around us, could tell us why many of our bodies aren’t doing so well. ..

4 months ago

Working in the Woods

`By Jan Jackson – DETROIT LAKE, ORE. – Greg Schmitz, president and CEO of Schmitz Timber Management, has replaced the simple ..

6 months ago

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