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Eagle watch

The spring winds are blowing early this year in the high desert. The range is already carpeted in green nutritious grass for the livestock ..

9 years ago

Showtime on the range

Sometimes the best show in the rural American West, is outside the dining room window. For a fall day, this one was hard to beat. ..

9 years ago

Listen to the wind

If one listens carefully to the high desert wind, it brings stories. They might be about the softening of the land after a long-absent ..

9 years ago

A Cat for Christmas

The weather just before Christmas was miserable. Our skies were clear and blue, but the wind was howling and it had been several ..

9 years ago

Stalking Wild Horses…

The wild mares whirled and swirled in alarm, as the herd stallion, eyes wide and ears erect, rushed to their aid. He made a brief, ..

9 years ago

High Heels on the range

Ever notice how some days seem to go sideways? After a dry lightning storm, we had a range fire kick up about 15 miles from our place. ..

10 years ago

Owl With Few Options

On a beautiful day, Mariah, the Great Horned Owl, was having a tough time. A soft spring breeze drifted up the canyon, sparking ..

10 years ago

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