How to Write a Speech in Five Easy Steps

By Jan Jackson

These are exciting times (even though from the second you wake up in the morning everyone is trying to get your attention).

Right now, that’s me. I know you are busy juggling friends and family, personal and professional lives, dealing with the economy and the political scene.  What happens when you suddenly realize you have to give a speech? So here you are. Your don’t have time to do it, it’s hard to focus on it, but you have to do it? Let me try make it easy as possible.


Pick your title because that’s what you are going to write to. You can change it if you see you need to, but it is going to be your guiding star and you must not take your eyes off of it (don’t start your speech by repeating it though, because that’s borning).

Step 2

Write your opening line knowing that is the most important part. This is where the listener will decide to either listen to what you are going to say, or mentally work on something else he has to do this week.

Step 3

State your premise – and it has to be singular.  If you have a half dozen different things to talk about, you probably should be giving a workshop.Are you going to inform them? Entertain them? Educate them? Your premise statement is going to make that clear.


Now you have the rest of the time to tell them what you came to tell them or as I like to say, back up your title, opening statement and premise. Here’s where you tell your story and/or give them the examples.


It’s time for your ending line and it is also important. It needs to refer back to your premise and hopefully include a take-away-or two.

My take-away for you is, that it is important to be able to speak in public – either with a long time to plan or no time at all.

Girl at the mic is Carolyn Gage Llerenas; girl tasked with writing a speech is Abigail Llerenas. Photos by Jan Jackson

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