One Pan Annie says, “Quit Eating Crap”

By Jan Jackson for One Pan Annie

One Pan Annie – 86 and eating clean.

Come on! Enough is enough. I’m 86-years old, and I don’t eat crap. I eat healthy. One Pan Annie put a neck hold on me in 2017, and said cut that out!!!!! I cut it out. I don’t eat processed foods, sugar, or anything with gluten in it (and I lost 100 pounds after that).

Here are three things I miss:

1, Greasy salty potato chips . I love them. I have always loved them. They are my favorite food. I’m addicted to them. Left in a room by myself, I would eat a family sized bag of them as though it was a single serving. I was disappointed when I learned that they are processed to be addictive. Do you think that slogan, “You can’t eat just one” is accidental. Well, welcome to the real world. It isn’t.

2. I miss real bread, but since eating gluten gives me pains that make it so I have to use a walker, I don’t eat bread. Actually, I miss anything and everything made with flour and water. Alas. Gluten free bread you say? Gluten free bread has some drawbacks. One is that it is a tiny loaf that costs $8. I also don’t like the fact that it sticks to my teeth. I hate that. I also don’t like the fact that I’m also addicted to all things made with flour and water, so I just don’t eat them at all. The last loaf of gluten free bread I had – not even opened – I gave to my daughter to do with anything she wanted. She broke it in pieces and casted it in the area where she feeds the birds. Well, the birds wouldn’t eat it either. She ended up going out, picking ┬áit up, and throwing it in the garbage. We should listen to our internal organs like the birds evidently do.

3. Sugar. I was blown away when I realized sugar was more addicting than cocaine. No wonder I had a problem. To this day, I can’t have candy in the house. Years ago, I said to my internist, “I can not have candy in the house. It calls out, “here I am.” He said are you talking about sugar or chocolate? I said, “What do you call candy corn?” He said, sugar. Did he talk about its addicting qualities? No. It was years later that I learned I couldn’t eat it at all. Left in a room by myself, I would eat a family sized bag of candy as though it was a single serving. Do you think it’s accidental that 80% of what’s in our supermarkets today contains sugar? Well it isn’t.

I’ve only listed three things here and next time I’ll talk about more. If you want to eat some crappy thing, remember your liver and all of your internal organs. If it isn’t good for your liver, trust me, it isn’t good for you. One more thing. If the birds are smart enough to pay attention, we can too.

Bon Apetit.

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“What’s better than a salad with just the plain food of your choice in it? Nothing!!!” – One Pan Annie


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