One Pan Annie Makes Celery Soup

By One Pan Annie

To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat soup.” OK, that’s pretty lame – but – soup is what I made out of the celery I bought that I got tired of eating raw. I bought two stalks (there are seven or eight ribs of celery in a stalk) and I should have only bought one.

Not to worry. I love cream of celery soup – even though I thicken mine with instant mashed potatoes instead of cream.

I filled my six-cup rice cooker with chopped celery, one tablespoon chicken bouillon (you may prefer to use chicken stock), a hefty pinch of salt and a ½ cup instant mashed potatoes. I gave it a stir, turned the cooker on, and walked away.

Mixer wand.

Because I love blended soups (ever since my first trip to Ireland), I used my stick blender in the rice cooker and blended everything until I liked the consistency. I served it in a big coffee mug.

I also make broccoli, asparagus, and mushroom soup the same way. Yes, dear Marie, “Let them eat soup.”

Bon apetit

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