One Pan Annie Cooks Chicken and Rice

By Jan Jackson for One Pan Annie

Chicken and rice (and a bit of broccoli and onion) a la rice cooker

When you just cook for yourself, and it is important for you to eat healthy, and you don’t care so much about cooking that you want to spend a lot of time doing it, that’s when it’s good to own a rice cooker.

When One Pan first got her rice cooker, she followed the recipes in the directions that came with it. But, it didn’t take long and she was doing things that weren’t in the recipes. She discovered you can do all kinds of things in a rice cooker. One of her favorite (when she wants the comfort-food-full-feeling), is to make chicken and rice.

It’s throw-stuff-in-it easy, turn it on, and go back to what you were doing. When you remember you did it, go back, dish it up, and eat it.

One Pan Annie’s recipe:

Lay a chicken thigh in the bottom of the rice cooker. You could use chicken broth or chicken bullion too, but a chicken thigh has enough fat to give it flavor and you end up getting to eat chicken too.

Add one little container full of rice (comes with your rice cooker)

Add a vegetable of choice (this pot full includes frozen broccoli and frozen chopped onions)

Season to suit yourself and add water to the appropriate water line.

Turn it on and walk away.

Delicious, healthy, and inexpensive.

Bon Appetite!





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