One Pan Annie’s Loaded Salad

By Jan Jackson for One Pan Annie

What’s a loaded salad you say? Well that’s what I asked One Pan Annie.

She said, “A loaded salad is one that has more of one thing than another.” In this case, the one thing was chicken.

Here’s what she did. Took out her trusty little rice cooker, filled it with some chicken thighs, water and salt and pepper, and went back to doing what she was doing before she decided she wanted a chicken salad. Once the chicken was cooked, she chilled it and left it in the refrigerator until she was ready.

What else is in it you say? Well that’s what I asked One Pan Annie.

She said, “I chopped one of those little trimmed heads of Romaine lettuce (because there are more nutrients in Romaine than iceberg), chopped up the chicken and threw in a handful of grated Mexican cheese (because it is already grated and it has a mixture of kinds of cheese). For dressing, I used mayonnaise (because I like mayonnaise) and dash of bottled poppyseed dressing to give it some spunk. Once you’ve done that, give it a good tossing.”

When you cook for one, it’s hard to have left over chicken to use to make a salad. If you have a rice cooker, you can cook up a new piece. Feel self indulgent? Load your salad with a lot of it, sit down, and eat it all.

Bon appetit.



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