One Pan Annie’s take on the Food Love

By Jan Jackson for One Pan Annie

Oven backed chicken thigh and golden potatoes

What does a the love of food mean? That question came out of an article I just read, and it got me thinking.

Is food love reserved for dining in fancy restaurants? You know what I’m talking about. Everything piled on top of each other with a few artful drips of something featured on the plate’s white space. Is food love a grilled cheese sandwich accompanied by a bowl of tomato soup? Or is food love reserved for the decadent Krispy Kream Bread Pudding with Espresso Whipped Cream (didn’t come up with that myself – got it off the Internet ).

Well, if you haven’t found a way to love the food that makes your body work right, you aren’t there yet. For me, there are two requirements.

1)It needs to be food that keeps me healthy and

2)It needs to be food that takes no effort to fix (and that doesn’t take longer to fix than it takes to eat).

I’m lucky, because I can eat potatoes and I like chicken (its thighs for me though – not dry chicken breasts). This lunch I fixed myself, filled all my requirements. I love chicken and potatoes, it only took me three minutes to put them in my Toaster oven (baked them for 25 minutes but did other things while they baked), and my body and my pocketbook loved having to deal with them.

Food love? Learn to love the food that loves you.

Bon Appetit.

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