One Pan Annie’s Lazy Stew

Want to know what’s in the bottom of this Crock Pot? One chicken thigh. A chicken thigh that had the skin on it so it gave the whole pot flavor. I didn’t eat that skin – just threw it away – but it sure did a flavor job that a chicken breast or a skinless chicken thigh can’t do.

After that, I added three quartered small yellow gold potatoes (no, I didn’t peel them), four fresh mushrooms, a few of handfuls of frozen green sweet peas, and a little salt and pepper. What then? Put the lid on the pot and walked away.

Bought the Crock Pot for next to nothing at Goodwill. -People buy them and find they never use them – then, bless their hearts, they give them away. This cooked from about 8:00 am to noon when I had my first bowl. I ate the rest for dinner.

I sure would like to see people cooking their own fresh food instead of consuming the chemical laden processed and fast food. Be good to yourself (and your pocket book). It doesn’t have to be complicated, take a lot of time or dirty a lot of dishes.

One Pan Annie supports simple fresh food prepared in the easiest lazy way.

Bon Apetit.


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