One Pan Annie on Frozen Vegetables

By Jan Jackson for One Pan Annie

When I realized I was paying a lot for less than fresh produce (because fresh vegetable season in my area was gone), I had an idea.

Maybe I should start buying frozen.” So that’s what I am doing. The produce was grown here, harvested at the right time, and quick frozen. As long as you have the freezer space (like I do in the top of my refrigerator), you can buy it ahead and not worry about it going bad before you use it.

I live alone and only cook for myself, but because I hate to go to the store every time I turn around, I buy the big packages. I prefer individual vegetables (a package of just peas, just corn, just broccoli) over the mixed vegetables. However, the mixed ones make a classy plate.

I toss the still frozen vegetables in the pan with a little olive oil and the meat I’ve chosen for the day.  I’ve already made a little rice cooker full of rice and in a few minutes, I’m eating cheap and healthy.

It is going to be fun when local fresh produce time comes around, but I can wait. January in Oregon is not the time.

Bon Appetit


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