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Jan Jackson for One Pan Annie

I bought baby carrots today – I haven’t done that in several years. The reason is, I know what baby carrots are and what baby carrots aren’t. What is packaged and sold as baby carrots are really big carrots pared down to the size of little ones.  That said, they have some things going for them.

  1. You can grab a handful and eat them on the run.
  2. You can make a fancy snack tray (and if you don’t get enough calories in your day, you can add some sauce to dip them in).
  3. You can, as I have done here, grab a handful and throw them in the pan with your meat. Today, I’ve chosen add them to chicken and fresh mushrooms.

I used my ‘granny pan’ today too (granny pan is what my grandson calls my electric fry pan). I used a little bit of olive oil; I sliced three mushrooms and threw them and a handful of ‘baby’ carrots in the pan with the chicken. I put the lid on the granny pan and cooked them on high for about 4 minutes.

I turned off the granny pan, lifted the lid, turned everything over, replaced the lid and let them continue to cook a little bit more while I did some other things. The whole meal took less than ten minutes to prepare.

I don’t know what this lunch would cost in a restaurant, but it would be way more than the almost two dollars I paid. I don’t know what this lunch would have cost if I had bought it in the prepared food section of the grocery store but mine was not filled with added chemicals (including sugar). I feel sorry for the packaging guys though, but, I didn’t have any boxes or bags to throw in the garbage either. Didn’t even have anything to put down the disposal – smile.

If you want to eat healthy, just cook and eat real food.

Bon Appetit

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