Whale Tales – In Pursuit of Orcas and Minkes

By Captain Ken Rea

A challenging day to see ORCA WHALES. I left the dock and started searching for the T60s that were ween off Lime Kiln State Park but they continued southwest (away from the island). By the time I reached the US/Canadian border, a report came in that they were in Oak Bay (near Victoria BC).

Later, on my second tour while viewing a MINKE WHALE, I learned they had come back into USAA waters. We made our way to them and spent the rest of the tour watching them.

Once I heard they had re-entered the San Juan Channel, I called my morning guests and invited them to go see the ORCAs that were now close by the harbor.

Great Blue Heron

American Eagle

Steller Sea Lions

Brown Pelican
















To learn more about Captain Ken, visit Spirit of Orca

Captain Ken Rea

Ken Rea, owner and operator of the Spirit of Orca, is also the tour guide, photographer and naturalist on his Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours in the Salish Sea, San Juan Island, Washington.


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