One Pan Annie – Cooking Lazy or Smart?

By One Pan Annie

I can’t tell for sure whether I’m lazy or smart.

Everywhere I look I see delicious looking recipes that require all kinds of ingredients that take too much time to put together.

But, when I eat simple food prepared in a simple way, I don’t get indigestion or heart burn and I don’t regain any of the 100 pounds I lost during the last three-and-a -half years. Cooking the lazy/smart way also gives me more time to read, write and knit.

Into the pan raw

So now it’s lunch time. Without peeling anything, I slice a potato, a carrot, a green onion and pull off some heads from a stalk of broccoli. As you can see from the photo of the cooked vegetables, at the last minute I threw in a handful of fresh spinach. I grilled them in a little olive oil my electric frying pan. In less than ten minutes I was eating.

If you watch TV or are on social media, you see advertisements for diets, cooking shows, recipe books etc. If you just stick to fresh fruit, vegetables and your choice of protein you’ll save time, money and your health.

Am I lazy or smart? I’m probably smart.

Bon Apatite

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