Traveling Right – The Honeymoon

By Jan Jackson

Think matching your type of traveler with that of your travel mates is not a big deal? Listen to my story.

The wedding took months to plan. The last few weeks were hectic. The day finally arrived, and it was perfect. The party was over, they were finally in the car headed for the resort. It was late, but that didn’t matter.

The new bride is what we call a Comfortable. She thinks, “Oh man. I made it. Now I can go to bed and sleep ‘til the cows come home.”

The new husband is what we call an Energetic. He thinks, “Yes! I made it. Tomorrow is a brand-new day in a brand-new life. We’ll get up early, take a walk on the beach and watch the sun rise.”

Want to know how the rest of the week went? No, you don’t.

I learned in my 50-years creating vacation packages for all kind of people, that there are at least a dozen types of travelers. To make your vacation work for you, you need to know what kind of traveler you are.

It’s important to:

  • Know what type of traveler you are and match it with your vacation plans.
  • Find out what type of traveler your travel mate is and then discuss the plans with them.

The moral of the story is, don’t wait until the morning of the honeymoon.

Happy traveling.


Jan Jackson is a retired tour operator who is currently writing a book about Traveling Right; How to Make Your Vacation Work for You. (see About)

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