One Pan Annie Takes the Uppity Out of Food Preparation

by One Pan Annie –


By Ogden Nash

Celery, raw

Develops the jaw,

But celery, stewed,

Is more quietly chewed.


I can’t eat celery without thinking of Ogden Nash, and I thought of him when I saw the two limp pieces of celery I had overlooked in the refrigerator. I decided to use them rather than lose them.

I don’t believe in making a big deal over food preparation.  I’m talking bout the intricate preparations you see on television foodie shows – the ones you watch just before you heat up a lunch from some chemical infused boxed or bagged processed food product.

I had a nice little pork chop of sorts just waiting for me. I heated up my cast iron skillet, added a dab of olive oil and cut the celery in very small pieces and grilled it with my meat. I’ve linked my favorite pan below – I like it because the lid cuts preparation time and I don’t like to wait around if I don’t have to.

In less time than it would take to microwave something, I enjoyed a cheap, quick, healthy lunch. I did it as an experiment this time, but I liked the flavor of the celery grilled with the pork so, I will do again on purpose.

Living alone and cooking for one comes with a luxury and whipping up healthy food for yourself is one of those luxuries. Another advantage is, there is no one around that can blab to anyone about your culinary mistakes.

Bon Appetit

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