One Pan Annie – Whats This About Food?

By One Pan Annie –

I wonder just what food is supposed to be about. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you wake up to a new day that exposes all kinds of things you didn’t know were going on.

  1. When the corona virus pandemic hit, I learned that even after being constantly warned and pleaded with, most people did not have a food and water supply put aside for emergencies. I know this because I watched them all frantically rush to the grocery store and buy food and water (and, as it turned out, toilet paper).
  2. As lockdown closed restaurants, I learned that most people had to start buying actual food they could prepare at home. I know this because grocery stores are having trouble keeping stocked not that people are using the supermarkets for more than a convenience store to buy milk, eggs and soda pop.
  3. One look on social media tells one story after another about people not knowing what to cook for meals and the plight of eating junk food with abandon. I know because I see the posts and most of them are very funny and though it makes me sad, I laugh.

What is food all about? I must admit it’s only been the last few years that I’ve looked at food as fuel, but if you want to regain your health you need to understand that that’s all it is. As commercially processed food became big business (the big food processors are the same fine folks that own/owned the tobacco companies), cooks have become chefs, chefs have become stars and food has become entertainment.

I went on today and discovered there are more than 100,000 recipe books available for purchase. Why would that be when no one is cooking? I also searched for books on diets and found more than 70,000. How could that be when the world is also facing an obesity epidemic?

I happen to know from experience, you can turn this whole thing around in a heartbeat. My lunch today, is the chicken thigh and three mushrooms pictured in the lead photo. I grilled it in a little olive oil in my cast iron skillet.  It took only a few minutes to cook and about the same amount of time to eat.

I implore you to think of food as fuel and get your entertainment in some other way.

Bon Appetit





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