One Pan Annie and Chicken Livers

By One Pan Annie

Chicken livers aren’t one of the most commonly eaten parts of a chicken. What a shame. I know they contain a large amount of cholesterol, but they also supply healthy dosses of many essential vitamins and minerals. Even if you just fix them once in a while, that’s better than forgetting about them all together.

My family loved chicken livers (and hearts and gizzards for that matter) but they ate them mostly in stuffing and gravy. I however, like to make a meal of them. For years, a friend and I got together for sautéd chicken livers, mushrooms and sour cream served in toast cups. When dining alone however, I don’t go to that much trouble.

Chicken livers are great for when you are cooking for one because you can usually buy them in small amounts. For instance, I just bought a little container for $2.17 and it was enough for two meals. Because I don’t eat liver often,  it was a treat to have it two nights in a row.

Easy to prepare

Once you’ve cleaned your livers in cold water, they are ready to cook. You will know they are done with they turn brown throughout. I just cook them in a little olive oil with the vegetables. My meal (pictured), only took minutes to cook in my cast iron skillet.


½ pound chicken livers – $1.08

1 golden potato, sliced – 25-cents

1 small carrot sliced – 10 cents

(Cost of meal – $1:43)

Not only tasty, but a nice change from regular cuts of chicken, beef and pork. Now, when you hear someone say, “I know this little place that serves the best chicken livers,” you can say I do too. It’s the place I call home.

Bon Appetit

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