One Pan Annie’s One Pan Soup

By One Pan Annie

You know that little six-cup rice cooker you have sitting toward the back of one of your cupboards? The one you think of when you want to cook rice? Well, when you are cooking for one, it makes a handy dandy soup pot -especially if you like soup but you don’t want to spend all day making it.

One of my favorite soups is cream of mushroom but my system doesn’t let me consume milk products, wheat or many of the miscellaneous additives found in commercially processed soups.

The experiment

One of the luxuries of cooking for one, is you can experiment without having to worry about how it will turn out – there is no one but you to tell the tale. My experiment turned out great. I got out my little rice cooker and filled it with:

2 cups water

1 tsp salt and a bit of pepper

1 small onion, chopped

3 large mushrooms, chopped

½ cup dry instant mashed potatoes

I put the above ingredients into the inner pot, gave it a stir to mix in the dry instant potatoes, turned the pot on to cook and went back to reading my book. In about 20-minutes I was eating it.

I ate it all.

Bon Appetite


Photo by Jan Jackson

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