Hamburger Night with One Pan Annie

By One Pan Annie

Sometimes I make like its hamburger night – all you need to do is add the bun, a leaf of lettuce and some tomato and it could be a regular hamburger. I can’t eat tomatoes or gluten (and won’t eat gluten free substitutes) so I just enjoy a plate like I would get in a specialty restaurant.

What’s different about a specialty restaurant and my kitchen is cost, speed and convenience.


One hamburger patty, 80 cents; One small onion, 11 cents; two large mushrooms, 50 cents = $1.41


To take the frozen hamburger patty out of the refrigerator freezer compartment, slice the onion and the mushrooms, took less than two minutes. It took about six minutes to cook them = 8-minutes


Turned the heat on high under my cast iron skillet, added a bit of olive oil and tossed in my ingredients. Turned the pan down to medium, sprinkled the food with sale and pepper and put the lid on the pan. After a couple of minutes, I lifted the lid, turned the food and replaced the lid. In a couple of more minutes, I turned the skillet off, and got out my plate and silverware. Nothing left to do but to transfer my food from the skillet and eat.

Healthy, cheap and fast – that’s what I call living.

Bon Appetit

My favorite wonder-pan!

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