One Pan Annie – Emergency – What’s in Your Pantry?

By One Pan Annie

It’s the week of March 10t, 2020. A new virus has hit the world. Thanks to 21st century technology, a desperate media and the nature of man, a pandemic of fear came with it. It resulted in a run on the grocery stores.

A new virus? An undeniable concern. A desperate media? That was a given. A panic run on the grocery stores? That shouldn’t have happened.

Months and months of sound advice about the importance of having a several week emergency supply of food and water has obviously gone unheeded. Evidently people buy their potato chips one bag at a time and eat the rest of the time out of takeout windows, because everyone had to go to the grocery store at the same time,

What to do? Lay in supplies – it’s not that hard. A case of potted meats (tuna, chicken, beef), a case of green beans, black beans or chili, a box of powdered milk and some jugs of water would allay a lot of fears. Paper supplies? The easiest of all to have on hand (they don’t event have an expiration date).

The food panic was self-induced because nobody paid any attention to all of the advice out there. Just think about if this had been the big 9.0 earthquake that is predicted to hit some day. The damaged bridges and roadways would mean trucks couldn’t bring food in to replace those empty grocery store shelves we see right now.

You might have been unprepared this time, but you don’t have to be unprepared next time. Try and remember. You may not always have the luxury of driving up to that takeout window.

I would like to see you get prepared.

Bon Appetit.



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