One Pan Annie says “Just Do It”

By Jan Jackson

One Pan Annie thinks you should borrow the “Just Do It” phrase from Nike*and eat smart.

How do you do it? Quit buying food that has been doctored with chemicals, preservatives, sugar and heaven only knows what else. That means  fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. It also means simple, cheap and fast.


Wheel that grocery cart into the left or the right side of your supermarket – that’s where the real food is. Buy two or three each of the fresh vegetable you like (pass up the packaged stuff – you decide how many you do or do not want).

You will also find the fresh fruit in this area. Buy a few of what you like – don’t be influenced by what you “should”  like – get what you love. Remember, you are special!

Move on to the meat section (unless of course you are a vegetarian or vegan or whatever). None of these items will have labels on them – if they do, don’t buy them (however, One Pan Annie likes to keep a tube of hamburger patties in the freezer because they cook so quickly and they come with a label(.


The meal in the cast iron skillet shown above breaks down like this:

    • Frozen hamburger patty  80 cents
    • One fresh carrot    17 cents
    • One zucchini    57 cents
    • Two mushrooms    60 cents
    • Meal total = $2.04


Cooked together in a bit of olive oil, it took about four minutes from the cast iron skillet to the table and there wasn’t anything left over that had to go in the land fill.

Be like One Pan Annie and “Just do it.”

Bon Apetit.


*The famous Nike slogan came from spree killer Gary Gilmore, who received the death penalty for murdering two people in Utah in July, 1976. Just before a firing squad did their duty, Gilmore was asked if he had any last words. “Let’s do it,” he simply said. Nike built their slogan on it.




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