One Pan Annie on Plastic Waste

One Pan Annie (aka Jan Jackson)

This plastic bag is headed for the landfill because it contained sliced carrots. Who would do that on purpose? While I try to figure that out, let’s go to the Internet and see what plastics are made of.”

Plastics are made from natural materials such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and crude oil through a polymerisation or polycondensation process.

Of course, when you are through with it, it goes into the garbage and off to the landfill. Out of sight; out of mind.

What about carrots?

“Cultivated carrots are usually made up of about 88% water, 7% sugar, 1% protein, 1% fibre, 1% ash, and 0.2% fat.” 
OK, I get it. The tips of those (as tiny as they are) could go it the compost pile or through the disposal.
What about the cost?
The bag of frozen carrots and five fresh carrots costs about the same but the frozen ones took eight minutes to cook in the microwave I cooked the fresh ones in my cast iron skillet (with the meat) in half the time.
The processed carrots tasted like processed ones while the fresh ones tasted sweet and good. The processed ones added irreparably to the landfill and the fresh ones did not.
 It doesn’t do much good to give up the free plastic bags from the grocery store, bring your own bag and turn around and buy them in the store.
Be like One Pan Annie and quit buying things in trays, bags and boxes. Eating fresh is healthy for you and its healthy for the planet.
Bon Apetit.

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