Together Anywhere with Andrew – Salem Oregon to Bend and More

By Jan Jackson

Together Anywhere with Andrew

Together Anywhere GPS Auto Tours

When Together Anywhere started producing GPS Audio Travel Guides, they had tourist in mind. Of course it is great for visitors but it’s also great for us Oregonians who travel the routes on business.

The App

Anyone with a smart phone, can download the free Together Anywhere app and buy the tours (which are yours to keep) for $5 each.  I got the first guide they published the beautiful McKenzie Pass and liked it so much I bought the one that spans from Salem to Bend (Santiam Pass over Highway 22). Thankfully it was already downloaded when I suddenly had to make the drive on business.

You are here

Even though I live in Salem and know my way out of town, I started the drive at Travel Salem (388 State Street, Suite 100) to hear what Andrew had to say. He welcomed me and told me interesting things about Salem, Willamette University, the State Capitol Building  and the Gold Man as well as Mission Mill and the Amtrak station before we ever left town. Because it is a GPS Guide, you don’t have to start at any particular point though because it will start and or stop anyplace along the route.

Tourist or native

For the tourist, who is hard pressed to find available tours over these scenic routes, the Together Anywhere guides are a must have. However, I think its a must have for the native as well. You’ll be surprised what’s taking place on and off both sides of the road. My advice? Don’t leave home without Andrew.

Audio sample

For more about Together Anywhere and Andrew

For a list of Together Anywhere GPS Tours



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