One Pan Annie on Cooking and Eating Alone

By Jan Jackson

Many people think having to cook and eat alone is sad. One Pan Annie thinks both are great – so great that it should stop you from eating stuff out of boxes, bags and take out windows and start cooking healthy foods for yourself.

Here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. You only have to cook the foods you like
  2. You can cook your food the way YOU like
  3. No one sees your mistakes (so you cooked the potatoes a little too long – no big deal)
  4. You can fit an entire meal in one pan
  5. You can eat it where ever you want (see photo)
  6. You can establish your own ritual (a ritual for the single soul so to speak)
  7. You can be the boss of what you eat and where you eat it
  8. You can eat when you are hungry – could be early, late or both
  9. You can eat with your fingers
  10. You only have one dish to wash

Cooking is a mind game, eating is a mind game, presentation is a mind game. Learn how to play the game of cooking and eating for one until you win at it.

Bon Appetit

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