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By Jan Jackson –

If you have any doubts about how to shop for fresh vegetables when you live alone, read on. One Pan Annie has it figured out.

Vegetable buying  tips from One Pan Annie

  1. Don’t shop any place that doesn’t give you the option of buying just one or two fresh vegetables at a time. If your store only sells Brussels sprouts in sealed bags, find a new store. I like Brussels sprouts but four little sprouts twice a week is enough for me.
  2. When you are shopping for carrots, buy the regular size ones and not the little rounded end ones they call baby carrots. Baby carrots are just that – little tiny carrot shaped carrots that don’t have machine rounded ends on them (you can usually find small ones with the tops still on in the organic section).
  3. Like turnips? You may already know to only buy ones that are hard as a rock and the small ones are better than great big ones. Most importantly, if they give when you squeeze them, wait until the store gets in a new batch. My only problem with turnips (and/or the same with rutabagas) is that I like them so much that I usually buy four or five at a time and eat them raw before they ever make it to the skillet.
  4. Spinach – oh Popeye, you are still my hero. I buy baby salad spinach (from the salad section) rather than a bundle of fresh spinach because they are free of sand. Doesn’t matter what I’m cooking, before I put the lid on my cast iron skillet I add a couple of handfuls and throw it in the pan. Delish!
  5. I sort of like parsnips so I buy only one during my weekly shopping trip. The whiter and smaller the better, this relative of the carrot family adds variety to your list of vegetables.
  6. Neither zucchini (also called Italian squash) and yellow crooked neck squash keep well so only buy what you can eat in a few days – for me, that is one each.
  7. Always have an onion on hand – they come in white, yellow and purple (and the more color the more nutrients). Sometimes I cook an onion as a vegetable and sometimes I chop it up and add it to several meals. My advice? Always have at least one onion in the place.
  8. I like broccoli but not enough to eat an entire head during the week. I buy the partial heads – if your store doesn’t give you that option, find one that does.
  9. Potatoes are fun because there are so many kinds. Skip the 10-pound bags and get a few of each variety.
  10. Fruit is another matter – pre-sacked tangerines, apples etc. can be your best friend.

Bon Appetit.

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