One Pan Annie Has Two Goals

By Jan Jackson –

One Pan Annie* has two goals in life.

  1. Get people who have to eat alone to enjoy and rejoice in the luxury of being able to do so.
  2. Show people how cheap, quick and easy it is to whip up something healthy to eat.

She thinks anything is better than eating out of a box, a bag or from a take-out window, that anything is better than eating from the processed food chemical isles of your grocery store and that nothing is better than eating fresh.

Here is a sample of One Pan Annie’s recipe for a quick lunch or dinner for one

One cast iron skillet with a drizzle of olive oil in it

Heat skillet on high and then turn down to medium

Add one small thin-cut pork chop

Add three sliced brown mushrooms

Add a couple of hands-full of fresh spinach

Lightly salt

Put a lid on the skillet (see hot link for Annie’s favorite skillet)

Cook three or four minutes and turn everything over – making sure the vegetables get down in the juice from the meat. Cook a couple of minutes more.

Turn the stove off and let cook while you get your plate and silverware.

Bon Apetit

Read more about One Pan Annie at

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