The Ten Types of Travelers . . .

Prefaced by Jan Jackson –

In my fifty years in the motor coach tour business, I enjoyed traveling with the Carriage Trade, Comfortables, Buffs, Inners, Restless and Bargain Hunters who showed up on my tours. The Venturers, Adventurers, Activists and Outdoor People were not often there –  unless I had tickets to something they couldn’t get on their own. See if you can find yourself – and see if you can find your travel partner. I’m sure you are both there somewhere – and hopefully you are compatible – smile./jj

1. Carriage Trade

Wants to take vacations in the same manner it lives at home. This segment is made up of generally quiet, family-oriented individuals who are often repeat guests because they like to be recognized. They play sports, dress well, and expect superior service.

2. Comfortables

Look for comfort and security. Comfortables have to be taken care of. They are only at ease around people with comparable life styles. They like group tours with motorcoach transportation, recommended restaurants, and accommodations at chain-operated hotels or motels.

3. Venturers

Very individualistic and travel to collect new experiences Confident in their ability to cope with different experiences in strange places, venturers don’t travel with tour groups.

4. Adventurers

Like venturers, but they like to combine new experiences with personal danger – river-running, backpacking, and/or mountain climbing.

5. Activists

Must always be doing something. The activist may job, play tennis or golf, or travel to learn language or cooking.

6. Buff

Interested in learning more about hobbies and personal interests. They’ll book travel to attend boat shows if they are boaters, music festivals if they are so included, or visit famous gardens if their hobby in horticulture.

7. Inners

Go to the “in” spots. They don’t care as much about the destination as about who goes there. They like to boast about where they have traveled and whom they have met or seen.

8. Outdoors people

Interested in the outdoors as a life-style. This group includes campers, hunters and fishermen and boating enthusiasts.

9. Restless

These travelers are looking for something to do. They collect trips. This segment is heavily populated with senior citizens, widows and widowers.

10. Bargain Hunters

Travelers strongly oriented toward price.

Photo: Compliments ODFW & Siletz Bay Natural Wildlife Refuge; see story 


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