Travel Destinations for Introverts

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I travelled with groups of people all over the world who were willing to put up with crowds to see the things they wanted to see. I enjoyed spotting the introverts and extroverts and tried to accommodate both. Though I believe an introvert can be as happy or even happier in midtown Manhattan as in the tiny town of Burns, Oregon, it is still fun to see this list. Enjoy!

From the folks at Compare the Market

“Not a fan of big crowds or buzzing hotels?

Neither am I but as an introvert, I know for a fact we love to travel just as much as extroverts.

A well-rounded trip for us may be in the same destination however is more likely to be spent visiting exploring quiet pockets of interest or discovering hidden gems.

For the international traveler

If you are traveling internationally, check out the full list of introvert-friendly destinations here.”

For the US traveler

If you are looking for places in the United States, take a look at  11 Places Every Introvert Should Go In Their Lifetime

About Introverts

If you can’t figure out whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, Quiet, The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking is a fun read.

Photo of Oregon’s Drift Creek Falls Trail in the Siuslaw National Forest (Oregon Coast Range) by Morris Pike

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