Lessons abound in Snap Wolf’s Journey

By Jan Jackson –

Morris R. Pike, Author

In A Diary of Snap Wolf’s Journey to Find a Mate, Morris Pike tells the story of the wolf’s 1200-mile journey in a way that seems like he was there. While it is an exciting tale and a great way for children to learn about Oregon wildlife, nature and geography, it is also a compelling story about kindness, compassion and the importance of never giving up.

The Story

Snap was part of a pack living near the rural Hells Canyon town of Imnaha. Rather than challenge his father for alpha status, he left the pack in search of a mate so he could establish his own.

“I need to challenge my father for leadership or leave and establish my own pack,” Snap said to himself. “It is a decision every male wolf must make . . . a decision I must make . . . it’s the way of wolves.”

Snap’s urge to answer his mother’s mournful calls and return to the pack, tugs at the heartstrings. His encounters with the friends he makes along the way entertain children and adults alike. His refusal to abandon his goal of finding a mate and becoming an alpha is a lesson for us all.

Readers Review

“Endearing, yet unsentimental and realistic story of a young wolf who enjoys many adventures while walking throughout eastern and southern Oregon. Fun for all ages, since Snap is easy for youngsters to relate to, while adults will appreciate his journey on a deeper level. Lessons on how setting a goal and sticking to it results in great rewards are written in engaging prose that holds the attention of the most fidgety readers. Author Morris Pike has contributed a marvelous, fair picture of Oregon’s wildlife and how they survive in the rugged landscape.” – Jo McIntyre, editor and writer, former correspondent to The Oregoniana and Statesman Journal.

About the Author

Born in Texas and raised in Oregon, Dr. Morris Pike earned his undergraduate degree at Cascade College, his Masters in Education at the University of Oregon and a PhD in Theatre at Kent State University. He taught both grade school and high school in Cottage Grove, Oregon; college at Cascade College in Portland, Oregon and Malone College in Canton, Ohio. He retired in 1998 as Professor Emeritus from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California. In his retirement he conceived the irascible and lovable pirate Captain Book, who inspires children to read. He has written three novels and several children’s stories for his grandchildren (see Stories for Children and Up at janicej1.sg-host.com). Dr. Pike currently lives in Encinitas, California.

“Fascinated by the real-life story of a brave young wolf going to incredible lengths to find a mate and become a leader of his own pack, I wanted to create a story about what it might have been like along the way,” Dr. Pike said. My love of nature gave me the excuse to follow OR7’s 1200-mile route and my imagination added the rest. For those who may struggle with some of the big or strange words, I have provided definitions in the back of the book. The Oregon place names listed in the back are real and may be searched on the Internet. “

A Diary of Snap Wolf’s Journey to Find a Mate (100 pages, published on Amazon in 2016), is available in paper back and on Kindle.













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