Just a Day in Oregon . . .

By Larry D Rea –

Spent a delightful day on the Deschutes River below Maupin . . . It was 95 degrees in the canyon and the A/C didn’t function in the car, but it was dry heat . . . 😉

Heard a wonderful birdsong melody, which I attached to the bird in the photo since it was the closest thing around. I’m leaning toward calling it a Rock Wren unless I’m outvoted.

Balsamroot is about gone for the season but summer flowers are blooming.

A few butterflies around, mostly majestic swallowtails.

Saw one Bald Eagle guessing the salmon haven’t arrived based on empty fishing platforms at Sherar’s Falls.


Photo by Larry D. Rea – more about Larry at www.taxaflora.com

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