So Many Planes in the Air . . .

Larry D. Rea, guest blogger.

By Larry D. Rea –


Have you ever wondered how many airplanes are in the sky at this moment? Google says: “30,000”.

It makes me wonder how much of our oxygen those jet engines consume and how much carbon dioxide they spew into our air.

I have an idea about how much noise they make, because my house is about 12 miles from the Portland Oregon International Airport (PDX) and directly under the flight path to its runways. The Federal Aviation Admiration (FAA) reported 228,949 flight operations in 2017. Yes, I have heard my share of aircraft noise.

How many people traveled by air in 2017? According to FAA statistics, 19,080,494 passengers enplaned and deplaned at PDX.

All those people travel to and from the airport in automobiles.

It makes me wonder how much carbon dioxide is produced on the way.


Photo by Larry D. Rea – more about Larry at

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