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Come Sit with Me on Fleming Beach

Morris R. Pike, guest blogger

Imagine late afternoon in sweet light on Fleming Beach near Kapalua, Maui. Come sit with me under the ironwood trees and just look.

See the crashing waves off the lava cliffs in the distance . . . against the silhouette of Molokai. The undulating ocean lures us into a hypnotic state.

Healthy looking common myna birds hop-skip . . .  begging for something or nothing . . . they just seem to enjoy asking.

Yes, dratted flies pester our arms and legs hoping for delicious residue, but they are a minor distraction from our reverie.

Before us the waves are sizable enough in one section to invite accomplished suffers to practice their skills and in another gentle enough for the boogie boarders to snuggle into the foam without risk.  In that churning water, families enjoy being buffeted about.

Down the beach, late afternoon frolickers dance in the surf or sit like us. The sight evokes a pastoral feeling of homey warmth.

Romantic painters, J.M.W. Turner and John Constable would like the light. George Seurat would like the subject matter. You would like both.

Make your reservations . . . Fleming Beach continues to be.

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Photos by Morris R. Pike



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