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Keeping Maui Beautiful~

Morris R. Pike, guest blogger.

I’m standing there on Napili Beach waiting for a decent shot of a colorful sunset, when a fellow emerges from the surf carrying something.

“Know what this is?” he asked approaching me. His tone told me that his question was rhetorical . . . didn’t take me long to recognize the broken, barnacle crusted case of a 12-volt battery with its acid chambers clearly exposed.

“During the second world war Coast Guard ships dumped debris into the bay,” the snorkeler said.

“Good you took this one out,” I said thinking of the striking contrast between the clear aqua marine water tropical fish enjoy and the acid filled chambers of that discarded battery.

“Toxic for fish that make their home in that debris.”

“Thanks for taking it out,” I said reinforcing his saving-the-earth self-esteem.

He smiled and walked up the trail. I got a shot of him walking away.

Morris Pike’s latest children’s book “The Diary of Snap Wolf’s Journey to Find a Mate is available at

Photo by Morris R. Pike



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