All the World’s a Stage . . .

Morris R. Pike, guest blogger.

~R.I.P Alden, Bryan N. K. Nahina~

“. . . That struts and frets his hour up on the stage And then is heard no more.”

That was the case with Alden, Bryan N.K. Nahina for almost 48 years. What made me interested in where he was laid to rest?

Well, you probably have a notion of what a plot of land in the north coast of Maui adjacent to the Kapalua resort complex is worth . . . a lot. What’s the worth of Alden? Probably a lot too, if you are his family and if you count him as having intrinsic value as a human being, like the rest of us, he’s worth his weight in dirt . . . but if you Google him, you’ll not find a single reference. Yet, here Alden is returning to dust in this plot of ground worth almost more than one can reckon.

The cemetery plot in which Alden is buried is a square about 100 feet on a side. A house not a half mile for Alden’s resting place on a similar size piece of ground would go for several millions of dollars.

I trained my camera lens on Alden’s marker. That and all the tale-tale evidence gleaned from other makers in the primitive grave site told me that all buried here would likely be native Hawaiians.

Ah, there you have it . . . the spirit of Alden and his ancestors insist on claiming a stake in what happens to this sacred island. Those buried here could have been moved, but historic impulses prevent it. You have admire their ability to defy modernity.

Thanks Alden for playing your role . . . R.I.P.

And by the way, all the world’s is indeed a stage.

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Photo by Morris R. Pike

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