Whistling Swans in the Rye Grass Fields

By Jan Jackson –

“A Whistling Girl and a Crowing Hen Always Come to No Good End,” is a version of an old Scottish proverb that should be amended to include whistling swans that swoop down and feed on Oregon rye grass.

I got as close to them as the road allowed yesterday (March 16), in Halsey, Oregon. The field is adjacent to the city (population just under 1,000). It was a great opportunity for bird watchers (in fact, it is possible they are really trumpeters). However, for the farmers, it is like standing in the bank helplessly watching the money seep out of your bank account.

Joy. The swans are on their way back to the Tundra. Alas. They will be returning again next fall.

Another of the many gems to be seen when you are out and about in the Oregon countryside, is the cemetery sign on Highway 99, near the unincorporated town of Shedd. Looks like taking that drive is terminal.

Keep your camera handy – smile./jj

For more information on whistling swans and or Shedd, visit the following sites:



Check out further conversations about these swans at Swans: Trumpeters or Whistlers – That is the Question


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