100 Things to do in Portland Oregon Before You Die

By Jan Jackson –

100 Things to do in Portland Oregon Before You Die, written by Ann Smith (with Allison Symonds), is for people visiting Portland and people who live there. Because this slim volume is laid out in a way that is easy so to use, a copy belongs in the glove box of your car, your backpack and in the mail to friends and relatives who are coming for a visit.

Written to make it easy for the reader, Smith includes names, addresses, phone numbers and websites. The Table of Contents is easy to navigate sections on Food and Drink, Music and Entertainment, Sports and Recreation and Culture and History. The Index lists it all alphabetically by venue.

As a native Oregonian who brought tour groups to Portland for fifty plus years, I plan on keeping the book close by. Even with all of my experience, I had no idea there were places I could get bourbon & basil donuts or ones covered in bacon – Smith gives you 14 donut shop locations from which to choose. It’s easy to research the common things to see and do in Portland, but Smith tells you where the harder to find stuff is. For instance, now I know where to get the best Mac & Cheese, watch the swifts and have a brew with my dog.

100 Things to do in Portland Oregon Before You Die, (Reedy Press, November 22, 2016) is available in paperback and on Kindle on Amazon.com.

I recommend it – smile./jj



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