Oregon’s OR-7 Wolf Story Retold for Children

By Morris Pike; illustrated by Chris Sheets

Morris R. Pike, Author

Morris R. Pike, Author

The Diary of Snap Wolf’s Journey to Find a Mate

By Morris Pike; illustrated by Chris Sheets

One’s Company; 133 pages

Just in time to for holiday gift giving comes Morris R. Pike’s real-life tale, of “The Diary of Snap Wolf’s Journey to Find a Mate,” about the young wolf on a mission to do what many young wolves must do. Accurate enough in his portrayal of Oregon geography, wildlife and habitat to use as a basis for an Oregon road trip, Dr. Pike tells the story with humor and intrigue without humanizing or demonizing the animals about which he writes. He provides a list of Oregon place names and vocabulary definitions in the back of the book. Based on the true-life story of OR7, it is a story about perseverance, kindness and compassion. It is a story about never giving up.

Snap’s story starts just after he and his pack cross the Snake River into the Imnaha Valley near Joseph, Oregon. Not long after they settle in Snap makes the decision to leave his pack, search for a mate and become an alpha rather than remain subservient. This journey sends him on a 1200-plus mile trek that as lonely and hungry as he gets, never makes him lose sight of the primal urge that drives him. From the bravado of claiming to have whipped a cougar to the mournful howl in search a mate, he by example shows the importance of believing in what we are doing and never giving up.

dsc_0005My pleasure in reading Dr. Pike’s book comes in the many encounters that express a depth of humor the appeals to both adults and children. When encountering a rabbit with a lame leg, he names him Chester after Matt Dillon’s Gun Smoke sidekick. ‘Chesta,’ he said clipping the name with his teeth. ‘How come you limp Chesta?’

And when he admonishes Buster for scaring off his prey by snorting and moving like a boulder, he relents and allows him to be the bear he is saying, ‘No, come on! Just try not to snort so much . . .’ and after a moment adds, ‘ don’t snort at all . . . would be best.’ Befriending and protecting what he needs to befriend and protect, the dialogue is ripe among readers of all ages.

Because of the real OR-7, who made the actual trip, most people know how the story ends. What you can’t find out however, unless you read the book, is what took place along the way.

The Diary of Snap Wolf’s Journey to Find a Mate is available both in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon.com.

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The Diary of Snap Wolf’s Journey to Find a Mate is available both in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon.com. Published by Ones Co.; 133 pages.




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