In Praise of Bottled Water…

By Jan Jackson

I remember getting so thirsty in my 1980s motorcoach touring days that I once pulled a motor coach full of people in for an unscheduled rest stop just so I could slake my thirst. To keep from having to go to those extremes, I got clever and bought a beautiful little silver flask so I could carry water in my attaché. Because it looked like I was nipping on the job, that didn’t work either. If we had had bottled water back in those days – ahh – I would have been a happy person.

Fast forward 30-years to this morning (8-27-15). I read in the Wall Street Journal an article by Mike Esterl  – “Water Water Everywhere – in Bottles,” It occurs to me that we are repeatedly warned (harangued even) about the health hazards of drinking so many sugar and chemical infused soft drinks (which are bottled) and now are chided for replacing it with (now bottled) drinking water.

But wait – not all is lost. While still bemoaning the loss of soda sales to bottled water, Coke and PepsiCo (and even Anheuser-Busch In-Bev) are now promoting bottled water brands of their own.

I’m not only a fan of bottled water but I think providing it to motocoach passengers is better than pulling the bus up to a drinking fountain.

Bottled water is a good travel companion. I wish I had had it earlier.



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