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. . . This site is meant to entice you to travel more in Oregon. We think that, if you came to know the unique stories about the contemporary independent-minded people who live, work and play in Oregon, it would add some fun to your travels.

Pioneers in search of independence, found the courage to settle here 150 years ago. Like them, these folks have also found the courage to do it the best way.

Check things out and see for yourself.

Jan Jackson, Publisher

Latest Stories from Oregon

In the photojournalism business, that’s referred to as the ‘money-shot’. His expression was a complex mix of disgust and horror that he might be remembered this way forever in the newspaper.

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For a long time, Toby Pig had nurtured his dream of getting the animals of Klamath National Forest together for a festival. Well maybe not a festival, but a parade or a circus. A spectacle.

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Carrying her across the field under one arm, the only sounds he could hear were the “CLACK…CLACK…CLACK” of the angry owl’s beak longing to remove a chunk of her tormenter.

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